What Students Are Saying!

““This course has really helped me and I think it would help every person that takes the course. Each video just kept getting better and better there’s so much to learn! … I love how it always goes back to the gospel. It just shows everyone how it’s all about God and for God.””

Carson, 16, CA


  • Why a course on leading worship?

    We believe that when a young worship leader has a rock-solid understanding of their role and responsibility that has been formed by Scripture and the experience of faithful leaders, they are able to withstand the many challenges of ministry and the pressures of our performance culture. Only then can they lead long and well! We want to help worship leaders begin their journeys on a firm foundation that they can build upon for years to come!

  • Can’t a student just be mentored by a worship leader or learn by becoming an intern?

    We believe that mentorship is one of the greatest and most important ways that young leaders grow into their callings and potential. This course is NOT designed to replace or substitute for mentorship. Much of worship leading can’t be learned in a “classroom.” However, we are learning that much of this vital information isn’t being taught thoroughly in many traditional internship settings. It’s too important to be left out!

  • Is Likewise Academy affiliated with any church or denomination?

    No! The Likewise Academy is intentionally inter-denominational. The reason for this is that we believe God designed worship through music to be a tool of unification in the body. We don’t believe there is one “right” style or genre of music as long as the leadership is wise and the content of the songs is faithfully informed by the Gospel and the entirety of God’s Word.

  • Who are these courses designed for?

    Any worship leader at any point on their journey! Whether you're a seasoned worship leader or someone who is just interested, there's something here for you!